Introduction to This Blog

There are 1001 blogs and YouTube channels out there made by professional programmers and students who know what they’re doing. This is not one of them. I want to document everything (struggle and successes) as I go for others to see and maybe find motivation in (or something like that). It’s hard to go online to learn only to be surrounded by the “I graduated with a degree in XYZ (not computer science) and I learned how to program in 6 months and now I work for Google!” type of programmers. Or even better, the “I used this simple guide to sell t-shirts online and I made $100k in the past year”. Sure, great, but how do I do it? Where do I get the ideas and initial capital?

So here it is, everything from the perspective of a broke computer science student.

Hope you enjoy!

Follow me on YouTube for related videos as well. I also post a bunch of cute dog videos for when frustration inevitably occurs.


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