CompSci Life

The Coolest Thing About Being a Woman Studying Computer Science/Engineering

As female a computer science student, I’ve gotten around to noticing some things.

Sure, I’m part of the 5%-10% of female CompSci students at my university, but that doesn’t change anything. All of my classes function more or less the same as classes with an even gender split.

I swear, every day there is some new article somewhere about getting more girls/women to pursue STEM fields. Sometimes I find articles about maybe sexual discrimination in the workplace or something about the point of view from women working in an office full of men. But this isn’t about all of that stuff that’s publicized. No, this is bigger.

I want to talk about the advantages about being a woman in engineering/STEM/CompSci. This is important.

I have worked/interned in various setting over the last couple of years ranging from being an upscale salon receptionist to doing business IT to driving buses. I have been in workplaces where it was only women, where I was the only woman, and places that had a pretty even split.

And, oh, have I noticed something.

In the places where women are typically a minority– the engineering department at my university, some IT workplaces, and Magic the Gathering tournaments– THE WOMEN’S BATHROOMS ARE SPOTLESS!

Yup, that’s it. My favorite thing about specifically being a woman in computer science is the clean bathrooms.


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