Procrastinating Studying For Finals, Part 1: Rubik’s Cube Solve Time Lapse

Yup, it's that time of the semester again.

CompSci Life

The Coolest Thing About Being a Woman Studying Computer Science/Engineering

As female a computer science student, I've gotten around to noticing some things. Sure, I'm part of the 5%-10% of female CompSci students at my university, but that doesn't change anything. All of my classes function more or less the same as classes with an even gender split.

Lego Robotics

We Made an Ice Cream Churner Out of Legos!!

Backstory: I co-teach a Computer Science Club/Class at a local elementary school and we teach awesome things like Scratch, Raspberry Pi building, and (my favorite) Lego Robotics (WeDo) to 2nd through 4th graders. This week in CS Club, the students were finishing up their final design project. For this, they were given the task of… Continue reading We Made an Ice Cream Churner Out of Legos!!


Introduction to This Blog

There are 1001 blogs and YouTube channels out there made by professional programmers and students who know what they're doing. This is not one of them. I want to document everything (struggle and successes) as I go for others to see and maybe find motivation in (or something like that). It's hard to go online… Continue reading Introduction to This Blog